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Tree surgery is important for maintaining healthy trees, gardens and ecosystems

Below you'll find information on all the services we offer and why you might need them


Crown lifting

Let light in, create space

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches of the tree. This raises the canopy of the tree, creating space underneath to let light through to plants or areas underneath. It can also give your garden a larger, more open and spacious feel.

Crown thinning

let light in, promote growth

This is the removal of a portion of smaller branches and is often good for tree health, can encourage growth and reduce wind resistance. While it increases the amount of light that can be let through, it doesn't alter the overall size or shape of the tree. Depending on growth rate this may need to be done regularly.

Crown reduction

reduce tree size

Crown reduction involves reducing the overall size (height and/or spread of the crown) of the tree while leaving a natural, balanced shape. It can be used to reduce stress on individual branches or the whole tree, reduce shade or make the tree more suited to its environment.

Felling and sectional dismantling

tree removal, even in awkward spaces

Felling and sectional dismantling is the full removal of a tree, anywhere and any size and is often required when trees no longer suit their environment.  This technique means that even trees in a tight space or with other plants or objects underneath can be dismantled and lowered safely in sections.  

Dead wood removal

reduce chance of disease or infection

Dead wood removal is the removal of any dead or dangerous wood from the tree.
This encourages healthy new growth and reduces the chance of infection or disease.


promote healthy new growth

Pollarding is the removal of all branches back to the main stem or crown break. This keeps a tree smaller than it would normally grow, with healthy new growth returning and once started should be undertaken cyclically.

Whether you know what services you need or want to talk your requirements through...

Regular hedge trimming, hedge reduction and hedge removal

regular maintenance

All hedge work is performed at a professional level to look great and keep the hedge healthy. 

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